New Public Update 0.10.04

Changelog PLATINUM 0.10.04(FREE):

v00.10.04: # Climax Sex With Didac in the morning.

WARNING: Probably old saves will not work, since I changed many things in this update, specially music.

- Sound and Music added in all the first 4 days and the beginning of the 5th day. (Creepy scenes probably are now a bit more creepy).

- Bugs Fixed.

- Better English translation in the Museum part with the blonde. (Thanks to Rukkard).

- Enhanced illustrations around the whole game, specially with lighting, Neus bodies and expressions.

STEAM version (just a bit more advanced version than the Free version)<https:"" app="" 865570="" pact_with_a_witch=""></https:>


Aug 25, 2019
Aug 25, 2019
com.jonnymelabo.witchpact-0.10.04-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 716 MB
Aug 25, 2019

Get Pact with a Witch (Hentai XXX, NSFW, +18)

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