A downloadable pactwithawitch for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Steam Version 0.12.05 (25th December 2019).
Hoping to save your childhood friend from a lifetime transformed into a woman, you have agreed to have 3 dates with the witch who punished him for trying to rape her.She seems honest and open, but you sense something sinister about her...


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Jonnymelabo Productions
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Nov 14, 2016
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(237 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dark Fantasy, Dating Sim, gender-bender, Gothic, Hentai, Male protagonist, Mystery, Story Rich
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Support, Twitter, Community


PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.19.00_a-pc.zip 938 MB
com.jonnymelabo.pwaw-00.19.00_a.apk 965 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.19.00_a-mac.zip 923 MB
com.jonnymelabo.pwaw-00.18.06_k_PLATINUM.apk 974 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.18.06_j-pc.zip 947 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.18.06_j-mac.zip 933 MB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Execute the .exe

It´s made by Ren´py. Few users had some issues with their antivirus, deleting the .exe file once is unziped, it´s rare, but it happened to some people. Solution is disable antivirus just for unzip the file.

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I saw on your steam how someone gave the game bad reviews on itch just because they didn't like the Mc's skin color, that's some serious bs. Just wanted to let you know I'm all for the skin color and it's really not that big a deal lol when this game has such an intriguing story. All n all I'm glad you chose to do what you want, and you shouldn't have to feel like you have to change anything, also I'm glad you're working on other things, and I will definitely be donating the first chance I get!

To be honest ,they had been doing that on the other game called "Trapped in a Fantasy Femdom Brothel" Even though the main character has exactly the same skin color as Pact with a Witch. In any case, I'm open to argue with things, but the ultimate choice to do one thing or the other is mine, I can be wrong but change something just because a single person complains about it using multiple accounts, it's not the best way to convince me I'm doing something wrong... (Besides, I don't think a skin color should be a problem in any game, if you don't like it, it's fine, but harass someone flooding him with bad reviews to change something, I, I don't think that's a good idea...).
In any case, thanks for your comment and kind words donutlordd! ;)


Still loving pwaw. Since the game was cheap and i want to see the end someday, i will donate because i think its the right thing to do.

Only donate if you can spare the money, I always appreciate every good kind, even if are good kind words, so thanks! ;)

PWAW... when we will see the end?


I don't know. The project is right now onhold. It took me more time than I would ever imagined to finish the game and COVID didn't help. Now the money is scarce and I had to jump to another project for my sake. I'm doing a short project called Secret Glory hole that happens few years before PWAW. I would like to finish it, but I can't without enough funds, that's sadly a fact, and I can't do it alone, it has too many bugs I can't solve by myself, I was too ambitious with the minigames and well, I hope to do better in the future.
Thanks for the interest, I hope I will be able to finish it someday, but it's something I can't promise.

(In the extended version there's several endings, not illustrated but at least in some parts the credits finally roll. ^^).


I will be happy as long as the game is finished someday even if it has to take decades or something because you cannot force art


In this case it's not more a matter of time but of funds, without enough money the game is hiatus. The premium version in Patreon is more advanced than the one it's here on STEAM, if the game is finally abandoned I will release that premium version, but that will mean the game is completely abandoned. I hope that's not the case... ^^

Thanks for the interest! ;)

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Great game!!! Interesting characters, plot and lore


Thanks! ;)


played this on steam just recently realized that a later version was available here, really hoping this doesn't get abandoned, has alot of potential 

Thanks! ;)

I saw that the game was put on hold and was wondering if you had any plans to complete the game at any point in the near future. Because I truly was looking forward to it. If not it was still a great game all in all, have a great day.


I would love to, but it actually doesn't really depend on me, it depends on how well the new game works and how much support I get from Patreon. What's left in Pact with a Witch is mostly art, and that is what takes me more time, so the best solution for that would be hire other artists to help me on that, but sadly I'm not bathing in money. ^^ If I could afford a team, I could try but... right now, I can't promise anything.
Thanks for your interest! ;)

Is there or is there going to be any futa in this game?


There is already one, the black girl. There is one who has a big clit (Cris) even though is not bigger than a thumb finger. And yes, there will be more futas.

me ha gustado este juego desde lo conocí me quede en la parte donde te encuentras ya sabes quien (el malo) XD para no espoilear y te quedas con neus y otras dos chicas asi que no se si ahora que lo actualice haya mucho mas contenido o poco pero será muy bueno jugarlo  por cierto como actualizo sin que se pierda mi progreso hace ya tiempo que lo deje de jugar y nunca he actualizado un juego de este tipo  y una cosita mas podrias decirme en que red o plataformas estas mas activo para estar al tanto del juego  (Twitter,facebook ) o no se en que plataformas o redes estés presente 

Buenas Kratos.

En la versión PREMIUM (de Patreon) la ruta de Neus y de Dídac están terminadas (al menos narrativamente). Falta la ruta Harén con las tres, la ruta en que Meritxell es Sumisa y la ruta en Meritxell es dominante. Al final del juego salen los créditos y un pequeño Easter Egg al final.

En la versión de itchio eso aún no está disponible. El juego no está abandonado pero sí está en Stand By, a la espera de que patreon me vaya mejor, yo solo no puedo terminarlo.

El proceso, a menos que hayas cambiado de ordenador no se te habrá borrado, ya que el juego se te guarda en una carpeta escondida en el C:

Yo en concreto la tengo aquí:

Ahí tienes todas las partidas guardadas y el  "persistent" que sirve para almacenar las elecciones que has tomado, si borras todo el contenido de esa carpeta es como si jugaras al juego por primera vez en tu ordenador.

La plataforma en la que estoy "más activo" es twitter porque no tengo que ir con tantos miramientos a la hora de colgar contenido.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnymelaboprod

Pero donde más definitivamente estoy más activo es Discord.
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MrwCc7N


Ok gracias me unire a Patreon para tener acceso a la vercion más reciente del juego 🙂

Tarde o temprano tengo pensando ir colgando las cosas gratuitamente, pero reconozco que quizás tardará más de lo esperado, de todo modos gracias por el apoyo! ;) ❤️

After such a long time still my favorite renpy game. Love the Characters personalities and the art style. Story telling feels so immersive.

Thanks for your comment! ;)

(1 edit)

Can you please tell me if you're going to add the Meritxell harem part ? I don't care about the date I just wanna know if you're gonna add it eventually ? Or maybe just the writing of that part without the artwork ?

Hello Vikas, Harem part is not done, but what's done in the patreon version is all the Meritxell path where she dominates you (in writing) and also what happens if you decide to "force" her. It's half illustrated the part where you dominate her friend.
The project is on hold, so not sure if I'm gonna update the game here in itchio anymore.

Is there a way to make the screen on android full screen for some reason some text aren't shown or even buttons like the next button which is this >

But for some reason the android screen cuts it out so I can't press it 

Ohh.. yep, I thought I solved it, but apparently I didn't since some text is so big it goes beyond the screen.
My problem is I usually only check the pc version and you're the first person who tells me there's a problem on the android... so it's hard to know. (Also it didn't happen before, so it's weird now this problem exists).

Before updating the game I need to know... What do you mean by buttons "next" like this ">"?

And thanks for the bug report!, It's really appreciated. ^^

I meant the next button was cut out from the screen

 the next button usually looks like > that symbol

But that's the only bug issue I found which is the screen being sort of cut in half in the settings menu

That is the only thing I'm not sure if I fixed... I already uploaded a new version of the game for Android that should work fine. If you play it, tell me if everything is fine. Thanks for the comments! ;)


strange question but will you be able to have some "gender bended" moments with neus?

Not in this game.

There's a part in the end where she "gender bends" her crotch depending on your choices, but that's basically all.

In the next update there will be a "progress" section to check what parts of the game you haven't played yet.

Shame, would have looked forward to the change after the questioning we had with her

buenas, jugué el juego hace mucho tiempo y vuelvo a venir a ver que tiene de nuevo pero la cuestión es que mi equipo es de 32 bits y no de 64, hay una versión del juego actual para 32 bits ? 

Desgraciadamente no.
RENPY el motor gráfico que uso para el juego ya sólo acepta 32 bits.
O sea que hará más de un año de la última versión que aún funcionaba en 32 bits y sinceramente no sé que versión podría ser...

Cosas nuevas... hay, pero claro tampoco sé qué versión jugaste para comparar ^^

para serte franco lo conocí por un canal de youtube por ese tiempo de la cuarentena (2020-2021, creo que jugué una versión tipo 00.16 ) y por este juego fue que me interesaron los juegos de este estilo y esperaba volver a jugarlo para ver que pasaba después de que padre encontrara al MC y Neus (también estaba buscando en otros lugares para ver si existía alguna versión de 32 pero se murieron las esperanzas XD) nada mas me quedo con el pesar de no poder jugar el juego actualizado de momento, pero si no es mucha molestia me podrías decir cual versión aun sirve para 32 bits ?

La que seguro aún funcionaba en 32 bits es la versión de 2021 de STEAM que era la versión  0.17.0, probablemente hasta la 0.19.0 aún funcionara en 32 bits, pero en verdad he añadido bastsantes cosas desde entonces, sobretodo en tema de fluidez visual (que permite los 64 bits), así que es una lástima que no lo peudas probar así. ^^
Me alegro de que te gustara el juego ;)

gracias por responder y aclarar dudas pero no entendí eso de la 0.19.0 si el juego actual anda en la v-00.18.02 (ojo la de aquí xd, no se como estará la versión golden) igual iré descargando de la 00.18.00 para bajo y iré probando a ver a ver cual versión me corre en la tostadora

Hola hermano , jugué la versión de steam hace unos horas y el juego me encantó , debo confesar que llegue a empatizar demasiado con Neus y bueno tengo una duda , llegué hasta la parte donde se encierran en una habitación luego de sobrepasar aa un mounstro cachondo ,no encuentro mejor manera de explicarlo), bueno y me dice que el juego ahí acaba, pues leyendo los comentarios ví que la versión de steam está más atrasada quisiera saber si es posible saber más sobre la historia, claro jugando , o falta para eso ??

Buenas Pepe,

La versión de STEAM termina ahí, sí (si escapas con Neus, si no, hay otras escenas bastante distintas).
En la versión de Patreon la cosa sigue bastante más adelante (diría hasta que tiene un "the end" y todo,  aunque toda esa parte no está ilustrada).
Me alegro de que te haya gustado. ^^


Wonderful game man, it was sick so far, great story, good characters, I only hated the trans woman out of... specific reasons... Only dissapointed that so many questions are left unanswered and how I wasnt allowed to ask those specific questions on the 3rd date with Neus. I also think it goes way too deep into the mythological blah blah at times and creates a sort of extremely confusing moment where nothing makes sense at times. Which doesn't work the best. aside from that, it's great.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

I just wonder thogh... "What questions are left unanswered"? You mean those she doesn't want to answer? Or you mean other questions you wanted to ask, because at the end you say:  "it goes too deep into the mythological blah blah and creates a sort of extsremely confusing moment where nothing makes sense at times" (To be honest, I wanted to give a vage explanation, not a full explanation, and even with that, I wrote probably too much as you say xD).

Thanks for your comment! ;)


questions about what she is, what her family even is, at first we're told she's a witch, then the story progresses, makes us believe she's some kind of succubus or something. Then near the end it seems more like she's Satan's daughter. It really becomes very confusing

I understand your confussion, because she doesn't tell you all the truth in order to don't panic you.

Also, to be honest she is kind of the three things. Witch, Succubus and somekind of Demon's daughter. But neither of them actually.
It's a witch because in those times any woman who did something weird was considered a witch and also because they are from one of the lands where withcery was more popular.
She is a succubus because that's how sexual vampires are known, those who take your life through sex.
And Satan's daughter, well, daddy issues I guess. xD


Hey ! I loved the game and Neus is so cool. I can't wait to see the next part of the story.

Thanks! ;)


Hey ! I'm just starting the game but I need to know, will the steam version will be regularly update ?
If i can't help you with sub but I can buy it at once, is there a way to have the updates anyway ? 
Good luck for the next !

Steam is only updated in Christmas. (Once a year is enough for how reviews work there. I can't afford negative reviews, so I prefer to update only once a year.)
Itchio is updated every month, so in 4 months will be in the same version as STEAM and from there, itchio will be more updated than STEAM.
"If i can't help you with sub but I can buy it at once, is there a way to have the updates anyway ? "
I didn't understand that part... help with sub?
There's no way, at least for this game to buy it once and have all updates. Probably in future games.
Thanks for the interest! ;)

"sub" was for subscription (on patreon). 

Good luck for the next ! I really like the game so far :D

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Is this a bug or something??? Am I missing something

Playing version 18.00 Platinum and I can only get to the end of the beach scene with Didac. Yet Walkthroughs for versions as old as 14.00 keep going way beyond this point.

I even deleted and re-downloaded the game making sure I had the latest version, played it again from the start, and it always ends after the beach scene, when you get back to your home. It says you cant go further in V0.18 and to wait for updates.

There must be a bug somewhere, in which part exactly happens that, which is the last dialogue or text that appears before this happens?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(2 edits)

Thanks for the fast reply.

The last dialogue is from Didac, after the beach trip. You're back at your house, and Didac comes out wearing the red lingerie.

Didac: "How about if we continue what we left in the middle this morning at the beach"                                           You: "And what's that you're wearing?"                             Didac: "Don't you like it?"                                                             You: "Fucking Didac".

And that's it. Then a message comes up saying; "This is so far Version 00.18.00_A."  Then the game ends.

Also, if I chose to have the group sex at the beach with Didac instead of stopping him and going home, after the beach I call Merixtel and start the BDSM session with Naomi(I think that was her name?). Then the game ends shortly after starting the BDSM session, after you decide what you want her to call you(Master, Sir, Vegeta etc.).

I uninstalled the game, re-installed it, and started from the beginning, but it still had the same bug. Is there something else I should do? Like clearing/removing all the saved data etc??

You're right, there's a path if you have good points with Didac where you can fuck her again, but it's not illustrated yet so It's not available for free version, so I put that ending too soon, Now I added it if you choose to stay, so you can decide to leave her if the that version ends there.

Thanks for the report! Specially becasue in 8 days tehre's the Christmas update and now this will be fixed!

If you find any other bug it would  be really appreciated thanks!

There's a way anyway in this version you're playing to play the last date with Neus, it's just you shouldn't have sex with didac or less points... not sure... or just wai for 8 days for the new version, your choice ^^


Solo se apaga no sale el nombre del juego y no lo puedo jugar inicia para cargar el juego y se cierra al rato

A veces puede ser el antivirus, la verdad es que en móvil no me lo habían dicho nunca aún. Espero que puedas solucionarlo.

Hola quería preguntar si alguien sabe cómo arreglar un problema es que cuando pongo el juego la versión 18 lo dejo encender y el juego después de un rato se apaga yo lo juego en celular

Antes de apagarse, ves el juego ejecutarse? ves el nombre del juego? puedes jugar al juego? qué ocurre antes de que se apague?

Hola Jhonny, ante todo felicitarte por tu impresionante y excelente juego. Eres de lo mejor en la industria de juegos adultos indie. Me sorprendió muchísimo que el juego se situara en Barcelona y aunque nunca he cruzado el Ebro me dio la sensacion de estar en Barcelona, de modo que "Chapó" por ti.

en que se distinge la version 18 de aqui de la 17 platinium de steam? 

Buenas Xanly,

Básicamente la versión de itchio en estos momentos está más avanzada que la de STEAM, tiene la parte dónde Neus tiene el "nirvana" y STEAM no la tiene.
Aparte de que tiene mejoras en gráficos, traducción al inglés y algunas otras cosas.
En Navidad volveré a actualizar STEAM e Itchio volverá a estar un poco más atrasado.

Gracias por tus comentarios! ;)

Me cree la cuenta únicamente para agradecer al creador por hacer tan hermosa obra de arte en mi opinión la historia es tan buena que nunca me aburre cada vez que lo juego, la jugabilidad es muy buena la verdad no puedo encontrar algun error, el apartado de diseño es en mi opinión hermoso todo es simplemente hermoso en esta juego, intentare dar algunos puntos para tener en cuenta en futuras actualización, pulir la escenas de sex ya que en algunas escenas se ven como bocetos o dibujos en procesos y borrosos (entiendo que el juego aun esta en desarrollo pero solo lo digo para tener en cuenta), entiendo que hay caminos a seguir y también es obvio que uno esta mas desarrollado que el otro me gustaría que el otro camino tenga más desarrollo ya que a elegir huir nos da a entender que el otro camino es mas un camino de relleno y no es importante, creo que es todo, al desarrollador quiero darle mi agradecimiento por tan hermosa obra que se ve que llegará alto. 

Buenas Cristopher,
" entiendo que hay caminos a seguir y también es obvio que uno esta mas desarrollado que el otro me gustaría que el otro camino tenga más desarrollo ya que a elegir huir nos da a entender que el otro camino es mas un camino de relleno y no es importante, "
En realidad la elección de escapar no formaba parte de mis planes y quizás termine siendo el menos trabajado a modo ilustrativo (pero no por ello tiene menos peso argumentativo, de hecho diría que incluso tiene más). Por escrito está casi terminado en la versión Patreon.
"(entiendo que el juego aun esta en desarrollo pero solo lo digo para tener en cuenta),"
No sé hasta que punto lo que está en esbozo llegará a estar terminado algún día... El proyecto ya lleva sus años de desarrollo, Patreon por lógica está decayendo y lo más probable es que me tenga que poner a hacer otro proyecto nuevo dejando este sin terminar del todo.
Lo que sí estará terminado será la narrativa. O sea, el juego estará COMPLETO, solo que visualmente muchas partes se verán negras y sin ilustrar.

Gracias por tu comentario, realmente se agradecen! ;)

Exelente juego muy recomendable estoy esperando con ansias la próxima actualización esperemos ver transformaciónes y más chicas pero muy bien juego lo felicito

Gracias! ;)

I'm looking through the display images and the art looks incredible, can't wait for the game!


I must warn you, even though the game is not finished, there's quite a lot of text too . :P
I hope you enjoy it! ;)

Great game, with a good art and interesting characters. Neus arc is a 10\10 story, got me very emotional. Right now, the olny thing that i can wish you, is good luck. 

Thanks! ;)

Durante la segunda cita cuando subes a tomar un cafe con Neus justo cuando vas a volver a besarla, el juego te marca un error (Por lo menos en la version en español)


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/day04_b_night04_restaurant.rpy", line 12518, in <module>

NameError: name 'night04_Neus_ReallyLike_PasiveFail3' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "day01.rpyc", line 58, in script call

  File "day04_b_night04_restaurant.rpyc", line 12518, in script

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 923, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2235, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/day04_b_night04_restaurant.rpy", line 12518, in <module>

NameError: name 'night04_Neus_ReallyLike_PasiveFail3' is not defined



Pacto con una Bruja 00.17.06_e

Tue Sep  6 22:11:33 2022



No es la primera vez que me comentan este error y pensé que ya estaba solucionado y ahora veo que no, que aún había algo por arreglar. Merci por el report! Ahora creo que lo he arreglado, para la siguiente actualización. ^^ Merci.


Why the fuck would anyone want to save a rapist? Getting turned into a girl and forgetting who they used to be is getting off lucky. I'd let the "friend" fully change and then fuck her. The girl who can't remember who she used to be or what that person did would be innocent. I'd happily date and/r or fuck her

why in my android, the game gonna take a black screen for some scene. Can anyone explain?


Which scenes?

bathroom scene and every transition to new scene that movin. idk maybe my device is not support or sum? 

Well, there's the black fade in, but that black screen shouldn't remain on the screen..

It should look like this, if it doesn't... then There's clearly a problem.

yeah I think it's my mobile device make it like that, cuz that not the first time I'm playing vn game and just like that. 

Cuando el juego esté terminó será igual o tendrá una versión gratis y la otra de paga, quiero decir si al finalizar se ra un solo juego con todo el contenido.


El juego no tendrá versión de pago porque no estará terminado al 100%, al menos no a corto plazo.

Lo que sí haré es poner la versión de Patreon que está algo más avanzada de forma gratuita cuando hayan pasado algunos meses. (En Patreon siempre está la versión más avanzada primero).

Gracias y está muy bueno el juego 10/10

(2 edits)

I tried but I  just hated Neus too much unfortunately. (Didac was terrible too of course; don't get me wrong.)

Also, there's a bug where it calculates negative relationship points as positive with the dream sequences.

I'm glad that you tried at least. ^^

can you make it for browser

I don't know how to do it... and I'm not sure if it's actually possible...

There's an old demo of the game in newgrounds, which could be considered "browser" but it took like 5 months to do and a lot of money... so I will not update it. ^^


alright thanks

Anal sex?

There's anal sex in the game. Except with the blonde, is still not implemented.

Bro ayúdame por favor, no entiendo como descargar, tampoco se como es un lo de ejecutar el archivo .exe, lo intenté con YouTube pero no me ayuda en nd, por favor alguien ayúdeme

El archivo que te descargas aquí debe ser el que lleva el icono de Windows-Linux (el que termina en  .pc.zip) Si usas Windows-Linux.

Si usas Android el que lleva el simbolo de android y mac el simbolo de la manzana.

Cuando te has descargado el archivo .zip, tienes que "descomprimirlo", una vez descomprimido debes ejectuar el archivo .exe (si estás en windows).

Una de las cosas que pueden pasar es que tu antivirus borre el archivo .exe o no te lo deje ejecutar porque detecta que es un archivo peligroso o desconocido.

Entonces tienes que decirle al antiivurs que confías en ese archivo y entonces te dejará ejecutarlo.

Espero que esto te hay ayudado ;)

(1 edit)

i just love this game. And the artwork is superb.

Thank you very much! ;)

Jonny en mi tablet samsung el juego no inicia, siempre se queda en: Ren'py loading, que pasa?

Debe de ser un problema de Renpy... quizás es porque estás ejecutando al versión de 64 bits y tu samsung solo puede ejecutar 32 bits... no hay otro icono para pulsar? Te pasa lo mismo con los otros juegos Renpy?
Espero que puedas solucionarlo.

ya lo solucioné jajajaja es que tardaba demasiado en iniciar el juego y pensaba que no funcionaba, enserio demora mucho en iniciar

Sí... es posible que tarde un poco en cargar. Me gustaría poner una imagen de carga y que se vea una barra viendo cómo se carga, pero en renpy eso parece más complicado de lo que parece (y sí, también tarda bastante en cargar, supongo que eso se debe a que cuando empecé el proyecto no hacía las cosas demsiado bien y aún sigo arrastrando ciertos malos hábitos^^).
Me alegro de que te funcione al menos.

I just want to say that I liked the game but I was little bit disappointed with the Neus ending part,I wanted a different option to save Neus. A good and satisfying ending I would say other than that Love your work!!

Hello ExWhyZed,
There will be the option to escape with Neus abandoning Didac to his/her luck.
But that doens't mean is a "better" ending.
It's in process, not yet finished.
Thanks for your interest and comment! ;)

Oh, that's great.I like the story of the game and ofc the French kiss is just brilliant,I hope you make a dating sim in the future with a nice story.

It's a great visual novel and I really appreciate all the details and story you did really great I have a bug though in the android version I did not see the hearts sadly 

You didn't see the hearts in the whole game or  in an specific part?
Did you use a saved file or you started from zero?
I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite this bug and thanks for your comment! ;)

Great game and love the scenes plus nexus's design. Keep up the good work.


Thank you!! ;)

como faço para instalar essa atualização no meu jogo, eu baixei o jogo pela steam.

Esta atualização é independente e é completamente baixada separadamente.

O Steam é atualizado uma vez por ano no Natal.

Obrigado pelo seu interesse! ;)

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