A downloadable pactwithawitch for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Steam Version 0.12.05 (25th December 2019).
Hoping to save your childhood friend from a lifetime transformed into a woman, you have agreed to have 3 dates with the witch who punished him for trying to rape her.She seems honest and open, but you sense something sinister about her...


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Updated 7 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Publisherjonnymelabo productions
Release date Nov 14, 2016
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Dark Fantasy, Dating Sim, gender-bender, Gothic, Hentai, Male protagonist, Mystery, Story Rich
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSupport, Community

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Execute the .exe

It´s made by Ren´py. Few users had some issues with their antivirus, deleting the .exe file once is unziped, it´s rare, but it happened to some people. Solution is disable antivirus just for unzip the file.


com.jonnymelabo.pwaw-0.17.04-d-universal-release.apk 773 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.17.04_d-pc.zip 769 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.17.04_d-mac.zip 734 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.17.04_c-pc.zip 765 MB
com.jonnymelabo.pwaw-0.17.04-c-universal-release.apk 770 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.17.04_c-mac.zip 731 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.17.00-pc.zip 741 MB
com.jonnymelabo.pwaw-0.17.00-universal-release.apk 744 MB
PLATINUM_pact_with_a_witch_v00.17.00-mac.zip 707 MB

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Jonny en mi tablet samsung el juego no inicia, siempre se queda en: Ren'py loading, que pasa?

Debe de ser un problema de Renpy... quizás es porque estás ejecutando al versión de 64 bits y tu samsung solo puede ejecutar 32 bits... no hay otro icono para pulsar? Te pasa lo mismo con los otros juegos Renpy?
Espero que puedas solucionarlo.

ya lo solucioné jajajaja es que tardaba demasiado en iniciar el juego y pensaba que no funcionaba, enserio demora mucho en iniciar

Sí... es posible que tarde un poco en cargar. Me gustaría poner una imagen de carga y que se vea una barra viendo cómo se carga, pero en renpy eso parece más complicado de lo que parece (y sí, también tarda bastante en cargar, supongo que eso se debe a que cuando empecé el proyecto no hacía las cosas demsiado bien y aún sigo arrastrando ciertos malos hábitos^^).
Me alegro de que te funcione al menos.

I just want to say that I liked the game but I was little bit disappointed with the Neus ending part,I wanted a different option to save Neus. A good and satisfying ending I would say other than that Love your work!!

Hello ExWhyZed,
There will be the option to escape with Neus abandoning Didac to his/her luck.
But that doens't mean is a "better" ending.
It's in process, not yet finished.
Thanks for your interest and comment! ;)

Oh, that's great.I like the story of the game and ofc the French kiss is just brilliant,I hope you make a dating sim in the future with a nice story.

It's a great visual novel and I really appreciate all the details and story you did really great I have a bug though in the android version I did not see the hearts sadly 

You didn't see the hearts in the whole game or  in an specific part?
Did you use a saved file or you started from zero?
I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite this bug and thanks for your comment! ;)

Great game and love the scenes plus nexus's design. Keep up the good work.


Thank you!! ;)

como faço para instalar essa atualização no meu jogo, eu baixei o jogo pela steam.

Esta atualização é independente e é completamente baixada separadamente.

O Steam é atualizado uma vez por ano no Natal.

Obrigado pelo seu interesse! ;)

is this game fixed??/ because when i go to the store with didac it just crashed and say rollback or ignore at the bottom how do i fix??

It would be really helpful if you could send me the crash report that appears to know better which error you get.

Nobody told me there's an error there (and probably if you press "ignore" you could just jump it, but in any case, if you could share it, I would really appreciate it. ^^).

Hi jonny, is v0.16.06 Premium the completed game?


Hello Saanvi,
No, the version 0.16.06 Premium is no the completed game.
There are the first true endings on writing in the Premium version, but sadly the game is yet far from being finished.

Hey Jonny, just curious: what would you say you have left to do until it's finished? 


I don't know.

All I can tell is the main story is already written (at least the Neus Route). lacks illustrations on the Epilogue, and then finish the unfinished parts and also the whole Blondie route.

Last year I thought I would finish it in a year, so if you ask me now, I would tell you the same as last year, and probably I will be wrong again.

But I doubt I will finish it soon.

Hello Jonny, I have been playing PWAW for a while now and love the game. I am wondering if we will see any sort of update on steam in the near future? 

Hello yaklord,

I update the game every month everywhere except STEAM.
I update STEAM once per year, at Christmas.

So in about two months there's a new update in STEAM.

I would like to start of by saying thank you for creating such a masterpiece with this game,  it's really refreshing to see a unique and interactive title for a change instead of the usual generic click a descion here and there in-between walls of text. I am only able to play on my android device at present however and would just like to ask a few questions if you don't mind. At the moment several pieces are still in development the game tells me such as I can do anal sex with Didac in both positions during 1st sex event however reactions aren't developed so I cannot choose that option again the following morning event. Also the dominatrix scene to help Txels friend is not available either and neither is the sex with Didac after the 3rd date. Finally if I try oral with Didac kneeling on last part with all 3 girls the game will give an error log as well as if I make her or Txel orgasm more than 5 times it happens as well . Can you please tell me when these fixes will be made to the android versions as i don't want to miss any of this great games content .  I apologize for such a long message and if I came across as pushy I did not intend it that way , I was just asking for some information,  thanks. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the end of this title and I'm sure another great new piece in the future 😊

First of all, Thank you very much for such nice and interested long comment.

The first sex with Didac will take a while to be finished, it was my first minigame and it was pretty a mess, but I try to finish it once I finish first the game.

Txell content is still unfinished, but I will try to work on that after the main ending with Neus.

And the problem with the orgasms, yeah is already fixed in other versions except the Android, because it's been a while since I cannot do the Android version, I hope to fix it as soon as possible.

"Finally if I try oral with Didac kneeling on last part with all 3 girls the game will give an error log" That shouldn't happen... Could you please tell me or send me the error log that appears to you? That would be really helpful. Thanks! ;) (Or any other kind of error log that you receive).

I have a discord for anyone who is interested. ^^


Thanks for replying and I appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to not only create but to ammend bugs and add in new content,  I'm just thankful that you have not abandoned your game as so many others have done in the past and I eagerly await the updates when then come 😊 I will screenshot the error logs next time I play, they only seem to occur when I put Txel or Didac on they're knees and attempt pretty much any action,  only 69 and the sex seems to work properly,  to explain it the error that occurs is the white screen with script details and the option to either try and ignore or rollback,  I tried numerous ignore clicks but it wasn't having it. The orgasm past 5 count i will just have to control myself until fixed,  I just enjoy winding Neus up by not getting on with it and I like to give the girls a good time 😂 anyway as stated I will get a screenshot next time and thank you for taking the time to reply,  its greatly appreciated.

Okay this is going to be my last question and I'll stop annoying you, will there be some kid of epic fight/battle later in the story and will the MC participate ?


You don't annoy, but if you want to make more questions or want to be further interested in the game, there's a discord channel for it.

And answering your question, no, there will be no epic fight/battle, at least not as a "fight", the ending is already written and I'm sure is available in the free version already, all that's left is the epilogue which is already written and semi-illustrated in the Premium version. (At least for the Neus route).

I see thank you for answering all my questions good luck for finishing the game.

Oh and will Neus route have a good ending in the final version ? 

That depends on what you understand by "good ending".
But surely will have a... "kinda" satisfactory ending. ^^

Yeah I want a good ending too like saving Neus

I created an account just to comment on this game, it's such a nice visual novel I can't wait for the final version, for the harem ending specially hehe keep up the good work and don't rush it I know how difficult it is to make a good game so take your time :^)

Thank you!! ;)


es una de las pocas historias que he leido en mi vida y que me han atrapado tanto, quitando de lado el morbo y las cosas sexuales la historia tiene mucho potencial y me hace hasta querer entrar dentro de ella, es una novela grafica muy bien hecha y redactada, ni hablar de los dibujos que son de 10, no quiero que la historia termine nunca, es de lo mejor y me hace querer llorar de vez en cuando JAJAJAJ, eres un muy buen artista y nunca lo olvides, tienes un buen futuro jonny

De verdad que se agradecen este tipo de comentarios! ;)

Desgraciadamente (o por suerte, según como se mire xD), ya estoy escribiendo el final del juego, por lo menos las rutas principales (la ruta de la rubia aún está muy verde). Pero por ahora solo estará disponible en texto para la versión más avanzada, pero... ya está en proceso.

Merci! ;)

(1 edit)

Latest Public Update doesn't work it seems. I get an exception error.
Exception: Shader (u'renpy.geometry', 'renpy.solid') has not been given mesh attribute aPosition.

Nvm, after deleting all old files and only taking the new ones, it worked.

I'm glad it worked.
I hope it doesn't give more errors in the future, I hope to get it solved in the next update.

justo queria volver a jugar este juego de nuevo

Me alegra leer eso, espero que no te decepcione lo nuevo! ;)

Justo ayer recordé este juego y me encanto, espero impaciente verlo terminado (jugué la versión de steam así que no se si ya existe una ya completa). Me encanta el juego y espero sigas creando mas historias igual de interesantes.


Muchas gracias! El juego aún no está terminado, estoy por el final, pero el final se está haciendo largo... heehe... habrá una actualización en Navidad.

buen juego, tiene una historia atrapante, que te empuja a querer saber mas de la misma, y el nivel de dibujo es de 10, un genio


Muchas gracias! ;)


When will be game end ??

How much work is left ????


Sadly, still quite a lot. (Main plot is close to be finished, but there's still remaining several alternative paths).
When is the game gonna be finished is the most asked question, and my answer is always the same one. I don't know.
(One year ago I though one year was left, and now I think the same, so probably I'm gonna be wrong again...).

(2 edits)

Just take your time, don't stress about it too much :) I love the art and the story so far!


Thank you very much! ;)

Why sadly, I’m happy that quite a bit is left! That means there is a lot of more sexy gameplay left, hehe!

the main story made me emotional at another level.


Glad to know that. ^^


Loving the story so far.

Can't wait to see what happens next.


I hope you will love it too! ^^
Thanks for the comment! ;)

Played the Newgrounds demo and am very impressed so far, I'll have to download the steam version when i get a chance later on

I hope you enjoy it too! ;)

Really wish  I could download the latest version, but it just never starts.  I've turned off my adblocker (which was the only thing that was blocking popups), and even then itch.io's system refuses to start the download, and even their app refuses to download it.  I hope you have a way to get access to it.

You have problems with the MEGA page? or with the file already downloaded?

It was the Mega, but I was able to get to it through the other link on the site.  Sorry for the late reply, I don't check itch.io often.

Thanks for your reply! ;)

Estoy perdido con hiromi, esta diseñado para no conseguir los - 11 puntos o ahí una forma seguir en el calabozo?

Esa parte aún no está terminada, pero almenos deberías ser capaz de verla desnuda (aunque no sé si esa parte está disponible en la versión PLATINUM aún).

also will you ever be able to play a female (female protagonist, the one trying to lift the curse) friends role probably not but it doesn't hurt to ask?

Hello Entitledboobs,
In my next game (which is an expansion of this one) called: Pact with a Witch: REDEMPTION.

You're tone one biten in the bathroom for trying to do what you friend had done, and so you're the one who becomes a woman, so far is not illustrated, but the first 3 days are written in english.


will you ever be able to play the friend to try and reverse the curse himself or to live with the curse I think that would be fun

There seems to be a problem with the download. The link only leads to the 0.15 Premium update, but not to the 0.13 Public one.

... Damn... that was a huge mistake from my part.
It's really appreciated from your part to share this information. Thank you very much! ;)

Buenas. Me encanta el juego y también me he enamorado de Neus. Dejo aquí un link con algunos bugs, referencias, etc que he encontrado: [spoiler] [url=https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1piVcMX_CzBSxJD1l44KsveWJfFes3kAD?usp=sharing]Bugs[/url] [/spoiler] PD: Sigue así.

I am considering to download on android. Can you confirm that android port works well? Otherwise i would be wasting 1 gigs of data.

So far I did not recieved any bug reports so far (it works better for windows version, specially for minigames) but I didn't recieve real negative bugs about it.

could you please update steam version


It's gonna be updated at Christmas 2020. 
Thanks for the interest! ;)

Eu joguei o jogo várias vezes mas só consigo o mesmo final , eu queria saber se tem uma rota que o MC escolha ficar só com o Didac ?  será que existe um passo a passo , cê sim me passa fazendo o favor .

O jogo ainda está incompleto. O caminho mais longo que você consegue acessar com o Dídac na versão gratuita é ir com ele na praia no quinto dia.

Aqui está o guia que fiz ao longo de um ano de jogo (vai até o final do quarto dia)

Muito obrigado pelo seu interesse! ;) (Google translator)


Hola recien estaba re jugandolo de 0 y noto que sigue el error cuando te encierras con la chica en el baño, hay alguna idea de como solucionarlo o esta para otro parche?

Buenas Sergei,
A qué error te refieres?

Cuando ella se apoya a escuchar en la puerta del baño y tu la estas agarrando de atras y estas como para partirla como un queso tira errores y se pierda esa linea de posible avance y tienes que ir para atrás y responderle de manera poco agradable para ir hacia el castillo y lo que ocurre por ahí, no tira en ningún momento que allí se corte la posibilidad de avance por no estar terminado sino que tira la pantalla gris con los errores de código 

En el baño del Parque de diversiones

No, en teoría se puede avanzar.
Podrías pulsar copiar y pegarme lo que sale en el texto en esta pantalla de error que has puesto... por desgracia las letras quedan cortdas en este screenshot y no soy capaz de ver exactamente dónde está el problema... Creo que me imagino cual es... pero si pudieras pasarme el texto entero, me harías un favor. Gracias! ;)

Dice error en  

day01.rypc,Linea 45

rpyScenes/sexbattle/Scenes/pussy_dick_deep, linea 76 rpy Scenes/sexbattle/Scenes/pussy_dick_deep, linea 366,

day05_d_night_Neuslastdate_interrogation.rpyc,linea 329

Ultima cita con Neuss


Mierda que buen juego. La historia muy entretenida, los minijuegos funcionan bien, me olvide completamente del cheatmode porque me metí tanto en el juego que no me hizo falta cambiar nada. El uso de los hiperlinks es realmente algo muy original, que no vi nunca con tal efecto y realmente me gustó. El uso de fotos de barça y otros lugares de España me pareció de puta madre para darle más profundidad y verosimilitud. No soy español y no conozco mucho la cultura española pero puede fácilmente identificarme con el personaje gracias a la forma que tuvieron para representar lo que tenían que representar. Espero las nuevas actualizaciones con ansias y espero que sigan haciendo juegos del estilo por un tiempo.

Gracias por el comentario! ;)

I tried playing on Android… and, well…

This screen isn't very useful to people playing on a phone or tablet, since the keyboard is only present when there's an input textbox; speaking of which, the very next screen has one…

… I'm not entirely sure what it's asking for, but if I recall the PC version correctly, it's asking for my name. Would help if I could actually see if I was spelling it correctly, or if there is anything in the text input at all.


Yeah... I should make a map for the android version... but Android and Renpy are not really friends (Renpy is the engine wich is made the game) I hope once the game is finished, I can make something better on that matter. ^^
Thanks for the interest ^^

I've played a number of Ren`py novels on android.

A few have a back button for scrollback, some, like yours, have a scrollback option by tapping the left or right side of the novel… however it doesn't function during choices for any of them… like… I'll be given choices, and get distracted by being asked a question, and then forget what it was I'm supposed to be answering "agree\disagree", "hand it over\keep it\tear it", etcetera, to, and if I forgot to save recently I lose a lot of progress; because while I can right-click on PC to open the save screen, I can't on Android and all the buttons at the bottom of the screen are gone during choices… And then there are a few that just straight up don't have a scrollback feature at all.

A few Ren`py novels solved the text input issues by having the dialogue and input boxes at the top. For all Ren`py novels, though, if default input text exists, it's a huge hassle to clear, since for some reason, Android doesn't like backspacing default text in Ren`py… No idea why…

And you're quite welcome.


Now that I tried to work a bit better the android version, you're right, on choices, you can press left part of the screen (Actually it was not even default, so I make it default that now).
But as last resource, you can go to load, and "auto" it saves in every single decision, so you can always go there... but it's true you can go back before those decisions... Hmmm... 

Thanks for your comment, it was really useful ^^

You are much welcome.

I try to help improve the things I enjoy when able.

Keep up the great work.

rat trying to rat me out on my mouse wheel skills good game though

That damn rat...

Thanks for the comment! ;)

vou escrever em português porque meu inglês não esta tao "afiado" o jogo e muito bom e espero que o autor tenha muito sucesso no ramo, pena estar incompleto mas ainda me trouxe muitas horas de entreterimento algumas risadas e certamente uma sensação bem scarry lol. quero que saiba também que pessoas do mundo todo jogam o seu jogo. dou graças a deus por falar varias linguás para poder "degustar dessa obra" :3

Estou feliz que você tenha gostado do jogo.

Espero que, assim que o jogo termine, possa traduzi-lo para vários idiomas, um deles português, e também espero que você goste do final.

Obrigado pelo comentário. ;) (Traduzido do espanhol graças ao tradutor do Google).

Hey. I am a game developer. Please tell me, how much money did the steem bring to you when you posted your game? More than patreon? Please answer this question. Our finances are tight and we don’t know what to do.

Hello Hot Bunny,
I do 0$ money in Steam. The game there is FREE. But that was my choice, since being free allow the game being more known and played (specially taking in mind the game is not finished yet). My only money source is patreon so far, and I make the money you can see there.
But again, that was my choice, you can put a price on Steam if you want, games like "Being a Dik" is going pretty well on Steam.
But others, like the TinyHat Studios, are in general not so lucky...

I hope you luck! ;


Just finish that latest version,the game is awesome,the story is the best,and the art is beattiful,this is my favorite visual novel,hope new update coming  soon,i can't wait :)))) ( sorry if my english are bad,i'm vietnamese)

Updates are every month, but the progress is slow. ^^

Thanks for your comment!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, or at least you find it... interesting ^^


Eres el desarrollador del Juego de Pact With a Witch? Si es así muy bien logrado, aunque tengo todo el dia 5 sin imágenes y es una lastima porque seria interesante saber como va a lidiar con las ahora 3 feminas el bueno del Personaje

Muy bueno el tinte Maligno del Nefandi que es el padre de Neus, disculpa la terminología pero al ser jugador de Mago la Ascension es lo que seria un Mago Caido , un Nefando totalmente deshumanizado con su Aquelarre, Circulo de Poder, Culto o como se le quiera llamar segun el origen del Mago, por cierto soy demasiado inquisitivo o sin querer el seudo Padre se ha forjado un Aquelarre o Circulo Rival, porque si el Personaje termina embarazando o marcando su presencia en Neus, Didac o Mextell, y la escencia del Personaje es tan fuerte como tanto la *Madre* como el *Padre* parecen dejar ver, creo que el *Padre* se ha ganado un problema a futuro interesante

Quize ir por el otro camino el de abandonar a Didac y digamos que despues de mucho costo lo logre en la anterior version y tuve un paseito interesante por el submundo de sobrenaturales, muy interesante para lo que venga a futuro

Buenas Sergei33,
Sí, el quinto día, en gran parte sigue sin imágenes, especialmente después de la tercera cita. Estoy en ello. ^^
Ahora mismo estoy escribiendo el final (no significa que termine el juego, pues hay cosas que he dejado atrás, pero necesito empezar por el final para poder terminar las otras partes primero ^^, aunque suene confuso).
El Mago la Ascención no lo he jugado nunca, pero es algo que me tendría que mirar, en general todo el mundo de las tinieblas tiene un buen lore. Y sí... EL padre puede haberse ganado un problema... es posible :P

Muchas gracias por el interés y el comentario! ;)

Es que el padre de Neuss parece el típico mago nefando de Mundo de Tinieblas que ya se deshumanizo tanto que toma desde forma espiritual como el Carnero, aunque bien podría haber sido Mirlatotep y el efecto seria similar, lo de querer mas *Hijas* para ampliar su poder en el mundo y mas alla, quizas incluso ya empiece a estar siendo acosado por esas criaturas que alimenta y su ampliación de su Rebaño de Chicas es una manera de tenerlas a raya, su poder es grande, pero seguramente debe andar con mas problemas o no de los que blanquea, esa obsesion de recapturar a la madre de sus niñas algo podria tener que ver

Ideas locas que se me ocurren, toma lo que quieras si quieres 


Hey! Really enjoying the game..unique, to say the least. (very hard to come across a VN art style I love such as this one..another one I liked a lot was the one used in Knife Sisters)

Thing is, I've just played through the second date with Neus and, while the scene from under the table was very hot, the whole 'eww vegann' thing really turned me off as a vegan + all those choices like> pretend soy milk is ok or just say it's bad (I find soy milk at least 5x tastier than the cow milk), etc.. I get it it's not supposed to be such an immersive experience since it's a VN focused on the story and it just contains adult elements, but more options and maybe further expansion on this spectrum may just bring a more pleasant experience with some of us.

Kind regards,


Hello Andu,

Sorry for the late reply.

You have actually a very good point, but also take in mind in the game you're taking action from a guy who is already in a certain way, so what your decisions in the game are more like driving a car, if the car is not able to do certain thing, it will have problems.

For example in the game, the player can't drink alcohol without coughing, or control the erection of his dick... so you can take decisions but you can't actually control the body of the chacarter (or force him todo certain things without having certain points, like receving anal sex, for example).

I understand your point of view, like more options could bring a more extensive experience and be able to perform oneself as in the character, but in this game this is a bit limited, at least for his physical body experience.

Thanks for your comment and I hope you can still enjoy the game. ^^

No worries, I understand the context and I can't say I dislike this concept of main character.. I guess it just takes a while for certain people to get used to it - I did after playing until I hit the work in progress wall.

Anyways, great work! I'm looking forward to future updates.

hey, just to know how much percentage of the story is on the actual game? xD


It`s a tricky question, since it depends on what you consider "percentatge of the story" if it's for the written part... is almost at 90%, since I'm writing now the sketch of the end of the story.
If it's for the sketches, probably is over 75%.
Finished art, with music and so on... probably at 60%.

But I can't answer for the minigame... is still unfinished and I'm reallly afraid to get on that again... is like a black hole of time... xD

ahahaha nice then, i mean more about the story thats in the game right now, thx for the answer i played the game maybe a year ago and i liked very much, so im waiting for the complete version xD

Deleted 2 years ago

The Steam version is only updated once or twice per year, so it will be updated on 25 of July or 25 of December.

The itchio version probably is not so advanced on the story, but the art is up to date like the PREMIUM version I update every month.

So is up to you decide if you want to see new art or wait for more story with further updates. ^^

Kind regards and thanks for the interest! ;)

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