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hey, just to know how much percentage of the story is on the actual game? xD


It`s a tricky question, since it depends on what you consider "percentatge of the story" if it's for the written part... is almost at 90%, since I'm writing now the sketch of the end of the story.
If it's for the sketches, probably is over 75%.
Finished art, with music and so on... probably at 60%.

But I can't answer for the minigame... is still unfinished and I'm reallly afraid to get on that again... is like a black hole of time... xD

ahahaha nice then, i mean more about the story thats in the game right now, thx for the answer i played the game maybe a year ago and i liked very much, so im waiting for the complete version xD

Deleted 2 years ago

The Steam version is only updated once or twice per year, so it will be updated on 25 of July or 25 of December.

The itchio version probably is not so advanced on the story, but the art is up to date like the PREMIUM version I update every month.

So is up to you decide if you want to see new art or wait for more story with further updates. ^^

Kind regards and thanks for the interest! ;)

I have tried to download the latest non premium version and when I unzipped the zip file, there was no .exe file. Is there another step that I have missed because the last edition I downloaded in ver0.10 or something this didn't happen.

Thx :)

Usually this problem comes from the anti-virus of your computer, since is downloaded from internet, for security it deletes the .exe file.
Make sure is not your antivirus deleting the file. ^^
Thanks for the interest! ;)


Hey, I'm on android. I pissed of diadac so she is never around, and after going to the museum with the blond lady. And cumming in neus' mouth, I'm stuck in a loop repeating the same day over and over again.

I even keep getting hearts for diadac and Neus every night when I get the call

The trigger for it seems to be to choose to go to the museum with the blonde lady, messed around with various routes and every choice i made or didn't make, if i went to the museum with the blonde lady it made the second date with Neus loop

damn. I had wanted to see if I could go with both the blonde lady and Neus, as blonde chick gives you an actual warning about Neus


Actually is a bug of this version, it will be fixed in the nexst version. Sorry for the inconvenience... ^^

In some of the scenes there is a screen saying something about "exception" and there are many options like Rollback, ignore, open, copy BBcode,.... and whatever I do I can't access that scene. In some I can ignore and move forward but in some I just can't access that choice

It would really helpful if you could send me the bug (error) report that appear, since is impossible for me to know wich scene you mean, and it would be helpful to know the error^^


How to send the bug report?

Wichever way you prefer, through this commentary section (or if you're so kind in Discord:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 207, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 207, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 211, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 374, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 606, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 606, in keywords
NameError: name 'hide_color' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "day01.rpyc", line 38, in script call
  File "tl/english/day05_c_afternoon_MertixellOffice_a.rpyc", line 8929, in script
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\", line 708, in execute
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\", line 1345, in say
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\", line 1142, in __call__
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\", line 842, in do_display
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\", line 591, in display_say
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\", line 297, in interact
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 2702, in interact
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 3094, in interact_core
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 541, in visit_all
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 541, in visit_all
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 541, in visit_all
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 430, in visit_all
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 3094, in <lambda>
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 440, in per_interact
  File "C:\Renpy\renpy-\renpy\display\", line 625, in update
  File "game/script.rpy", line 207, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 207, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 211, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 374, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 606, in execute
  File "game/script.rpy", line 606, in keywords
  File "<screen language>", line 606, in <module>
NameError: name 'hide_color' is not defined


Thanks vpgenius! that's a bug is in this update yeah... It's already fixed for the next update (25th of this month), thanks for the report! ;)

is third date with Neus accessible in the latest public update  0.11.06

Not completely, it will be accessible in version 0.12.05 the whole date.
(0.12.05 is the Steam version, it will eventually become public update in a few months).

Thanks for the quick reply

why cant i chosse to run away with neus in the last steam update

Good question.
Basically because you take decisions on his actions, but not on his emotions. (Buuuut... I don't deny that once the game is completed... I could make a different ending there... but that`s not sure xD).

i would love to see that and i forgot to tell that i love the game

Thanks! ;)

Can I get the steam version for Android?

Hello vpgenius, Steam doesn`t have Android version, so there's no Android version, sorry. ^^

Deleted 1 year ago

Here you can find the Premium version:

Is Day 5 accessible in the latest version even if the 3rd date is not?

Yes, the morning is accessible in the Free Itchio Version.
3rd date with Neus is available free in Steam Version.

What is the latest free version?

The lastest Free version is 0.11.04 in itchio and Gamejolt.---- 0.12.05 in Steam (wich is the most advanced, since in the Steam version there's the Neus third date completely available, and in itchio is not yet available).

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after my second date with neus i came home and didac was gone and i got a message in spanish something to do with 9 orange hearts i dont know what it means since am not spanish so what was that message?

I know is a bit late, but what that spanish message say? that would be really helpful to find that bug untranslated...
Thanks! ^^

(1 edit)

the text says para ver otro desenlace necesitas i have no idea what it means? 

You´re right, I hope for the next update this problem will be solved. Thanks for your report! ;)

In version 11 something, there are no images at all in day 5. Could resolve the issue?

Because that´s PREMIUM version, not the free version.

umm for what version of mac is this?

i cant even open it 


In theory should be for all versions... There´s no specification on renpy on this matter... I had no complaints about any mac user so far in all this time...
Probably is the antivirus, it could had deleted the execution file... probably ^^

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Never have I wanted to visit Barcelona so much as after playing this.

This game is stimulating in almost every possible way and I need more bad!

I'm ready to runaway with Neus and quite frankly she had me pretty quick.  this isn't even finished and I'm already waiting for the sequel, spinoff, holiday specials, pregnancy name it.

I will say I was a bit surprised there was no M/M content considering it felt like there was an atmosphere teasing it.

No complaints, Didac is a terrible person, but that is an opinion/observation not a problem with the game.


I´m glad to know I´m showing nive Barcelona city. ^^

M/M content is subtly insinuated, but so far is still straigh game with bit of bisexuality there.

(The spin-off of the game will be slighty different probably).

Thanks for the comment! ;)

Spinoffs?  I'd like to place a preorder for like 17 more games in which I get to enjoy seducing Neus!  Even if I must embark on a bloody quest to become an Incubus and take over Hell or something in order to validate(and survive) our forbidden love!

Won't let me last the question of name



bruh not only is this an hentai game but also an educational game cause i was surpised that the purple names forward me to a wiki or even a social media site itself(i learned a lot from the art gallery thank you)


I´m glad to know somebody is using those links, I was starting wondering if it has any point adding them. ^^
Thanks for the interest and also glad you enjoyed somehow the museum part! (not everybody does... xD).

I've done a few as well.

Deleted 196 days ago

No, once available is gonna be for everyone. Is just it will take more time than I anticipated and I will left this once the game is finished, but is an important feature, since will allow players know what parts they played and what´s left.. but I will have to leave it for later, since there are other priorities so far. ^^
Thanks for the interest.

(1 edit)

So ... The game is weird MEEEEEEGA strange but OMG ...

These soundtracks <3 God I'm playing music in the background, can I get the lead to these jonnymelabo soundtracks?

Soundtracks are from Kevin Mcleod and AlcaKnight

Great composers for indie devs. ^^

Yessss, thank you <3

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the game  and I can't wait for it to be finished  I haven't had this much fun playing a game in very long time keep up the good work

Thanks for the comment! I hope You will end up enjoying the whole game once is finished. ;) (Still a bit long path before that ^^).

I'm sure I will enjoy the game once it's finished it's already awesome

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Tell me, do you know any muscled artist?

I don't. And I can tell you why. Because arts are not a physical discipline, arts are a mind activity, they don't involve muscles at all, this is why artists don't bother to develop their body as this is useless for what they want to do: arts, that is.

I just can't get into the character because the male characters of your visual novel are students in a arts school but they have bodies of bodybuilders, which makes no sense to me and prevents me to get into the character because it is just impossible to believe because as I said, artists don't give a shit about muscles and I don't know a single one artist who bothered to develop a rambo body.

Moreover, I am supposed to feel attracted to Didac when he is turned into a woman but how the Hell could I possibly feel any attraction to a mountain of muscles which is not feminine in the slightest, even if you put a pussy and boobs.

So if you want for your visual novel to be believable and for your readers to get into the character, then I strongly advise you to rethink the design of the male characters and reshape their bodies into bodies which suit more artists than bodybuilders.

Also, how could you make Neus ask us which is our favorite movie about witches and not propose to answer "Witching & Bitching"?

You are spanish, right? And you don't know that the greatest (in my opinion) movie about witches is a spanish movie from 2013 whose original name is "Las brujas de Zugarramurdi", known as "Witching & Bitching" in english?

If you didn't propose this movie as a possible answer to our favorite movie about witches, I assume that you don't know this movie.

Then go watch this movie right away, then you can come back after to thank me for having made you know this spanish cinema masterpiece and add it as a possible answer to Neus question about our favorite movie about witches. ;-3


Hello Maxime,

I agree probably muscle protagonist was not the wisest idea, in its original place was for me a way to get back to anatomy and I left like that, but it´s not true that there are not artist with a build body, there are actually many of them and most of them are quite famous (probably not so tune up, but close to it) Like Frank Tzeng, Zbrush Artist of Naughty Dog or Yehuhadevir:

So it´s not impossible. xD

And to be honest, I heard about "Las brujas de Zugarramurdi" and I never seen that one, I´ll try to watch and if I like I will try to add it (but I´m not really a fan of Alex de la iglesia, few of his movies were of my like xD).

Thank you very much for your comment and your time to write it. ;)

Hey Jonny,

I looked at the people that you mentioned to me and they definitely are far away to be as built as your students in arts. :-3

Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi is my favorite spanish movie, it made me laugh to tears, I liked its humour, I found it very funny, I definitely wanted to answer this when Neus asked me for my favourite movie about witches. Let me know if you enjoyed it once you watched it, okay? ;-)

I appreciate that you take time to let me know that you appreciate that I take time to let you know my feedback about your visual novel. ;-3


You understand this is fiction right? If you want a more realistic depiction then this game is not for you and hentai games are mostly far from realism as they will have over-exaggerated bodies.

Just finished the game as it currently stands. Really enjoyed it. Loved the dialogue with Neus.

How can I buy a copy without being a Patreon?

Hello Hawkinsmarcus,

Being a patron it allows you to acces the game months before the Public Release, but it actually ends up sooner or later for public domain (probably except platinum and premium services like cheating or rolling back).

But actually the only way to acces to that advanced version is throught patreon, sorry. ^^

Thanks for your comment! ;)


Sorry if this is a weird question but is there any plans of being able to romance Didac as a man?


Actually will be probably my next project, I don´t talk about it because it´s still long time since I finish this one... but I must warn that will be further more light in illustration content, and will be more centred on writing than illustration. ^^

On the PC, the game is getting better and better.

Thanks! I´m sorry minigame took so long time, I hope after it you can still enjoy the story! ;)

(2 edits)

It's freezing on Android when the childhood friend calls you a sick bastard on day 3 after the date with Neus. Help! I'm using Android version 8.1.0

Nevermind. Started working now. Sorry for the unnecessary message. I love your game so far!

I´m glad it works! I´m always afraid of unknown bugs... but it´s my job to solve them! Thanks for your comment! ;)

Developer I have problems at the time of "Battle" because in android not to click on the "Fuck" button please fix it. Note: I'm not sure if it's a problem on my cell phone because I recently changed my phone and the error continued.

You´re right, I had problems with the android version for the minigame, it will solved for the version 0.8.9 that will actually be the version where you will be able to do something there.^^

Thanks for the feedback! ;)

Cuando estará la última parte? :3

La siguiente actualización estará lista en 3 días.

El final del juego? Probablemente en un año o más.

Entonces a disfrutar, jajaja gracias:3

Este proyecto parece ser muy prometedor, me ha gustado mucho! Espero que no lo abandonen como le paso a Breeding Season en 

Por ahora no hay ninguna intención de abandonarlo. Queda un solo día de juego para terminarlo, pero me imagino que me quitará un año o así de trabajo... la parte escrita es rápida de hacer, pero todo lo demás, especialmente el color me saca un montón de tiempo. ^^
Gracias por el comentario! ;)


I have try to download  pact with a witch v00.08.02 5 times and it will not download it keeps stopping I am trying to download it on windows 10


It´s pretty strange, I tried to download now the game and it worked fine...
You can try on gamejolt, I can´t give you the link (for competitive reasons of servers) but you can find it easily in Google... I hope you can solve the problem. ^^

(2 edits)

jonnymelavo xD .¿ cuando te costará acabar este gran juego? . bravo tío por este juego  de verdad uno de los mejores que he visto . Y he visto muchísimos xD . tengo otra pregunta . ¿ este juego solo lo haces tu o te ayudan más personas ?

Hace aproximadamente creía que me quedaba un año para terminarlo. (Luego empecé el mini-juego y el tiempo simplemente se me fue al garete, también no tuve en cuenta la dificultad y el tiempo que requería pintar de la forma que pinto todo lo que tenía hecho).
Así que mi pronóstico sería a finales del año que viene... pero ese es mi pronóstico ahora. (Pero sinceramente, espero que no se alargue mucho más, el mini-juego ha sido un gran consumo de tiempo y de esfuerzo por hacer algo que realmente no tenía ni idea de lo dificultoso que sería, por suerte no hay ninguna otra parte en el juego que vaya a ser tan compleja como esta.) ^^
Tengo ayuda puntual, en programación y en color, en general por eso siempre tengo que ir detrás corrigiéndolo todo y a veces hasta rehacerlo por completo... pero en general hago la mayor parte yo solo, de ahí que vaya tan lento... pero es que buscar ayuda tampoco ha resultado ser tan fructuoso como esperaba.. quizás soy demasiado perfeccionista o quisquilloso... no lo sé. xD
Merci por el comentario!

molaría que te ayudasen los de activisión xD . lo terminaríais en un santiamén 

Me gusto tanto la historia que aprenderia a programar para Ren.Py solo para ayudarte (siempre me maneje con unity, pero no creo que sea tan dificil)

Es un comentario que realmente se agradece. ^^

Soy bastante lento haciendo el juego, especialmente el mini-juego es algo que me ha quitado un montón de semanas.
Si te pasaras por discord me gustaría poder leer mejor tus opiniones sobre el juego. Merci por el comentario! ;)

Oye Jonny, leí que un tio anda pidiendo que mejores el ingles, necesitas ayuda con eso?

Antes debería corregir el Español del juego en general. Espero un día tener tiempo para hacerlo... Cuando lo termine intentaré invertir más tiempo en arreglar los errores. Gracias por el ofrecimiento por eso! ;)

Interesting game concept. I see that folks are complaining about the English translation-perhaps an editor/localizer could be of use. I understand some Spanish, so I'd be familiar enough to recognize when an idiom just didn't translate. I volunteer to do as such. Mostly for the practice. No pay required. 

I just don´t get why I don´t recieve notifications throught, First of all sorry for such late reply, and second thanks for your kindly comment. ^^
I hope in all this time English has improved a bit, otherwise, I would really like if you could share your comments or feedback throught discord in spanish-english part where people comment about these issues. ^^
Thanks a lot for your interest! ;)

Jhonny fijate la imagen de banner "avaible", no sería "available"? Ya me baje la demo, a ver que tal está :D

Te aseguro que pensaba que se escribía avaible... como si no la hubiera escrito ya 30 veces por doquier.. jaja

Gracias por rectificarme! espero que me des tu opinión te guste o no. :P

Estoy en eso, hasta ahora me va gustando mucho :baba: XD

Oh, if only I could read spanish... I'd offer to translate. The current english ver is... not so good. I find the story intriguing and the art is great. I just wish there was a better english translation.

In theory, right now is being translated by someone who understand english and Spanish... I hope he will send me the translated part for the next version... ^^

Thanks for your interest! ;)

I have tried downloading it several times even with different versions, but the download seems to always fail once it gets to around 48MB, it isn't just my computer not being able to handle the download, i have tried to download it on other computers but it still keeps failing, please fix this. sometimes does strange things, please try this link and tell me if this one works.
And sorry for inconveniences:

The download link on GameJolt works much better, thank you very much for your help

I tipically don´t like graphic novels, but this one is pretty well drawed and with a great story. I shall wait for the next update!

Thanks for your comment Marta! ;)

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