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Interesting game concept. I see that folks are complaining about the English translation-perhaps an editor/localizer could be of use. I understand some Spanish, so I'd be familiar enough to recognize when an idiom just didn't translate. I volunteer to do as such. Mostly for the practice. No pay required. 

I just don´t get why I don´t recieve notifications throught, First of all sorry for such late reply, and second thanks for your kindly comment. ^^
I hope in all this time English has improved a bit, otherwise, I would really like if you could share your comments or feedback throught discord in spanish-english part where people comment about these issues. ^^
Thanks a lot for your interest! ;)

latest public gameplay

Jhonny fijate la imagen de banner "avaible", no sería "available"? Ya me baje la demo, a ver que tal está :D

Te aseguro que pensaba que se escribía avaible... como si no la hubiera escrito ya 30 veces por doquier.. jaja

Gracias por rectificarme! espero que me des tu opinión te guste o no. :P

Estoy en eso, hasta ahora me va gustando mucho :baba: XD

Oh, if only I could read spanish... I'd offer to translate. The current english ver is... not so good. I find the story intriguing and the art is great. I just wish there was a better english translation.

In theory, right now is being translated by someone who understand english and Spanish... I hope he will send me the translated part for the next version... ^^

Thanks for your interest! ;)

I have tried downloading it several times even with different versions, but the download seems to always fail once it gets to around 48MB, it isn't just my computer not being able to handle the download, i have tried to download it on other computers but it still keeps failing, please fix this. sometimes does strange things, please try this link and tell me if this one works.
And sorry for inconveniences:

The download link on GameJolt works much better, thank you very much for your help

I tipically don´t like graphic novels, but this one is pretty well drawed and with a great story. I shall wait for the next update!

Thanks for your comment Marta! ;)